Fort Hall Business Council.

TThe Fort Hall Business Council is the governing body of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes. The Council was established under the Tribes' Constitution & Bylaws, which was approved by the Tribes and ratified by the federal government in 1937 under the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934. The Council consists of seven members, each elected for staggered two-year terms.

FHBC in Chambers

2022 - 2023 Council Members L-R: Ladd Edmo, Lee Juan Tyler, Gaylen Edmo, Donna Thompson, Nathan Small, Roland Marshall, Claudia Washakie

FHBC Swearing In 2022
FHBC Swearing In 2022
FHBC Swearing In 2022
FHBC Swearing In 2022

Serving the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes.

Serving as a Fort Hall Business Council member is a full time, paid position. The duties of the Council include the oversight of governmental services and economic development on the reservation; negotiating with federal, state and local government officials on all activities affecting the Tribes, the reservation and the Tribes' off-reservation treaty areas; managing tribal lands.

In recent years, the primary focus of the Council has been overseeing the growth of the Tribes' economic prosperity; protecting the Tribes' off-reservation treaty rights; enacting tribal laws to ensure protection of reservation land, water and air and human health; strengthening public safety; promoting wellness; expanding its tribal farming operations. Each council member is also assigned to meet regularly with one of the five reservation districts to provide information and to obtain feedback on the activities of the Council. The five districts include Gibson, Fort Hall, Ross Fork, Lincoln Creek and Bannock Creek.

FHBC Resolution

Fort Hall Business Council

Nathan Small

Chairman, Nathan Small

Donna Thompson

Vice-Chairwoman, Donna Thompson

Claudia Washakie

Secretary, Claudia Washakie

Roland Marshall

Treasurer, Roland Marshall

Gaylen Edmo

Sgt of Arms, Gaylen Edmo

Lee Juan Tyler

Council Member, Lee Juan Tyler

Ladd Edmo

Council Member, Ladd Edmo


District Representatives.

Fort Hall District

Lee Juan Tyler & Donna Thompson

Gibson District
Ladd Edmo & Nathan Small
Ross Fork District
Gaylen Edmo
Lincoln Creek District
Roland Marshall
Bannock Creek
Claudia Washakie

Our Location.

We are located just off Interstate 15, Exit 80 and down Agency Road in the Tribal Business Center

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Fort Hall Business Council

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P:(208)478-3700 F: (208)237-0797P.O. Box 306 Fort Hall, ID 83203

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