Community COVID-19 Screening Week 2 (Dec 14-18)

 New! extended hours & Saturday testing  

The Fort Hall Business Council has declared a state of emergency for the Fort Hall Reservation and activated the Emergency Operation Center (EOC), due to threat of the highly contagious COVID-19. To ensure the continued protection of public health and welfare and to reduce the risk of disease transmission and exposure of the COVID-19, the Council has implemented this mass COVID-19 screening for free to all residents of the Fort Hall Reservation (tribal and non-tribal) at the following locations/ dates/and times. 

The screening will take place for a total of 8 weeks and those participating will need to take the screening weekly (doesn’t have to be at your district). This is not the deep nasal cavity test but a simple swab inside the nostril to determine if you are asymptomatic (a carrier of the COVID19). 

 WEEK 2 December 14-18, 2020 

Monday, December 14th – Fort Hall (Buffalo) Lodge 9AM-4PM / Bannock Creek 10AM-7PM 

Tuesday, December 15th – Fort Hall (Buffalo) Lodge 9AM-6PM / Lincoln Creek 10AM-7PM 

Wednesday, December 16th – Gibson (Eagle) Lodge 10AM-7PM / Ross Fork 10AM-7PM 

Thursday, December 17th – Gibson (Eagle) Lodge 10AM-7PM / Fitness Bldg *10AM-7PM 

Friday, December 18th – Fitness Bldg*, 8:30AM-1PM 

Saturday, December 19th – Fitness Bldg*, 10AM-2PM 

*Fitness building is located on north side of Timbee Hall aka boxing room. 

The Holiday Schedule for week of December 21-25 and December 28-January 1st will be provided when available. 

If you need a ride to any of the testing locations, please contact Tribal Transit Dispatch for a free ride to and from the screening locations only, call 208-478-4069.

Please give them at least a 24-hour notice to schedule.