COVID-19 Weekly Fort Hall Updates


Submitted by Tribal PIO on behalf of the Tribes Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

This week’s mass community COVID19 screening was a success. We thank the National Guard and Tribal health and emergency officials for the success. Our numbers are in and there is a huge spike in positive cases just from this week’s screenings, this includes the employee testing results from today.

As of Friday, 12/11/20 at 4:00 PM

  • Currently Positive/Monitoring 85
  • Recovered/Released 598
  • Hospitalized * 3
  • Deaths * 11
  • Total Cases 694

Total probable cases to date 14

* total hospitalized to date is 53 that is 7.6% * Mortality rate, (Deaths/Total Cases), is 1.615% vs State at 0.943% and Nationally at 1.885%

Please be safe Fort Hall! The virus is contagious, please keep your hands washed and keep your home sanitized. Do not attend large gatherings more than 10 people that are not from your household.

Click on the Tribes COVID19 website for ongoing updates on facemask mandate, Tribal PSA’s, Facebook live recordings, etc.