March 23, 2021

Fort Hall- COVID19 cases are fluctuating in the last two weeks on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation. According to Contact Tracers, positive cases are affecting entire households of all ages. We are recommending community members to get vaccinated to protect your household.

The number of cases in the surrounding counties that outline the Reservation including Bannock and Bingham are showing signs of leveling out. Bonneville County is still in the high risk category however. We caution Fort Hall to be safe when choosing to travel within the state, please keep wearing your facemask and keep your distance.

Fort Hall Numbers for this week are data reported as of March 23, 2021, at 4:00PM.

Total Cases To-Date 888
Total Active Cases 16
Total Currently Hospitalized 1
Total Recovered to Date 854
Total Deceased to Date 18
Total Hospitalized to Date 77
% Hospitalized to Date 8.7%

Here are the screening results from this week’s screenings:
Monday, March 22nd – Eagle Lodge had 237 tests with 0 positives
Tuesday, March 16th – Buffalo Lodge had 215 tests with 1 positive
As a reminder, we will continue to provide these COVID Community Screenings until September 2021. This is great news for the Fort Hall community to help decrease the spread of COVID19.

These screenings are open to other Native American Tribes that reside or work on the Fort Hall Reservation or non-Natives that reside or work in Fort Hall. Sho-Ban Tribal members please bring in your Tribal ID cards to receive the incentive cards. Incentive cards will be given for the month of March.

To date the Tribes have given a total of 2,215 “prime” doses (the 1st shot) and 1,171 “booster” shots (the 2nd shot) given to the Fort Hall community. With the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine, there has been a total of 199 given out to-date. Total doses given in Fort Hall is 4,171 vaccinations. This breaks down to covering 35.5% of our Reservation population to-date. This is a high rate compared to the surrounding region and state.

According to Tribal Health, “Council has recently approved a vaccine incentive for completing a vaccine and will be phasing out the screening incentive cards. We encourage the community to keep testing weekly to help decrease the spread of COVID19.”

Appointments for VACCINES can be made by calling the I.H.S at (208) 238-5427 or Tribal Health at (208) 238-5435 for patients who have an established IHS chart. If you live on the reservation or are a household member of an enrolled Tribal member please call (208) 478-3987 for information about receiving vaccinations from the Shoshone-Bannock Community Health Center. If you need a ride to either clinic, please call the Fort Hall Transit Service at (208) 478-4069.

The Tribes will have a Facebook LIVE this Thursday, March 25th at 12’noon on the Tribes official Facebook page, search for ‘shoban tribes.’
Click on the Tribes COVID19 website for ongoing updates on the COVID dashboard, facemask mandate, Tribal PSA’s, Facebook live recordings, etc.