COVID19 Update for the Fort Hall Reservation July 28

Fort Hall- Fort Hall is experiencing another spike in positive cases! The Tribes COVID team and Council are discussing going back to requiring a facemask mandate for the entire reservation, regardless, if you are vaccinated. The Delta Variant has been detected in a patient over the weekend in Bannock County. CDC guidelines are once again suggesting everyone wear a mask indoors.  Please remember there are those who can’t get vaccinated and kids under 12 who need us all to be careful.  More information will be announced on a special Facebook Live this Thursday, July 29th at 12’noon. 

Our numbers for this week as of July 27, 2021, at 4:00PM.

Total Cases To-Date   971

Total Active Cases         9

Total Currently Hospitalized   1

Total Recovered to Date   938

Total Deceased to Date   24

Total Vaccines are given to Date       5,757


The community screenings will continue at the Fort Hall I.H.S only beginning next Monday, August 2nd at Not-tsoo-gah-nee.  There will be no incentive cards given out. Please call the clinic at 208-238-5427 and use the white canopy drive-thru tent on the north side of the clinic. 


To date, the Tribes have given a total of 5,757 vaccines to the Fort Hall community which covers 50% of our community population.  Of this number, 3,045 are fully vaccinated, 114 are tribal youth, ages 12-17, that have been vaccinated by Fort Hall I.H.S.  According to our Tribal Data Analyst, vaccinations are at a 6.28 average daily dose over 7 days, this is the highest rate we’ve seen in exactly 2 months.

The overall data of vaccination numbers include Native Americans, Shoshone-Bannock Tribal members 12 years and older, and non-tribal employees and residents that work and live in Fort Hall. With the Delta Variant in our area, we are asking community members to please get vaccinated to help keep yourself and your families safe from hospitalization and/or death. 

For those that are fully vaccinated, you can pick up your $50 vaccine incentive at Not-tsoo Gah-nee IHS Clinic (Vaccine card & Tribal ID/CIB required). 

To enter into the Sho-Ban Vax Nupius Drawing, go to :…/sho-ban-vax…, or forms can be picked up and turned in at Fort Hall Clinics or Tribal Business Center (front entrance desk, green basket).

AI/AN Youth* and Adults (12+) Vaccine Opportunity (YOUTH 12-17 can only receive Pfizer at this time) 

· Not-tsoo Gah-Nee IHS Clinic

· J&J (1 dose), Moderna (2 doses-4wk) ,and Pfizer (2 doses-3wk) walk in clinic/scheduled:                                 Monday-Wednesday, Friday 9-11am, 1:30-3:30pm 238-5435 (THHS), 208-238-5427 (IHS Medical)

Shoshone-Bannock Community Health Center

For the J&J (1 dose) walk-in clinic 7 days/week 2-7:45pm walk-in or call to schedule 208-478-3987. For the Moderna (2 doses) walk-in clinic Saturday 2-7:45pm, Sunday-Friday call to schedule 208-478-3987.


The Tribes will have a Facebook LIVE this Thursday, July 29, 2021, at 12’noon. We will also announce this week’s Vax Nupius winner after the COVID updates.  

Visit us online at to view the COVID19 data dashboard or click directly to dashboard here:…/Shoshone…/C19…