COVID19 Update January 12 2021


Contact: Randy’L Teton, COVID19 PIO

January 12, 2021


Fort Hall- Our numbers are in for this week whereas the active cases have increased in the last week and are steadily increasing. 

Please keep in mind the numbers fluctuate daily based upon the COVID19 screenings taken place on the Reservation. A flyer of the January 2021 testing dates/locations has been posted on the Tribes Facebook page and in the Sho-Ban newspaper. The Tribes are asking for those Tribal members that reside off the reservation and are 

The data below is received as of January 11, 2021 at 6:00PM

Total Cases to Date:799
Total Active Known Cases:  26
Total Currently Hospitalized:    0
Total Recovered to Date:758
Total Deceased to Date:   15
Total Hospitalized to Date 63% Hospitalized to Date 7.9%  

Note: These numbers change daily. The Contact Tracers are taking people off the total active cases and adding new positive cases every day.   

The following information is COVID19 screening results from the district lodges and Event Center that is scheduled weekly for the entire month of January.  

Here is a summary of COVID19 events and updates: 

  • The TRIBES VACCINE PLAN is vaccinating ALL willing and able Tribal elders 65 years and older (both fluent and non-fluent speakers). We are asking elders 65 and older to call and schedule a vaccine at 208-238-5427 or 208-238-5435. They are open Monday-Friday from 8AM to 5PM.  We ask that when you are called to please keep the appointment. The vaccine comes in a package of 10 doses and all need to be administered during the same time period. So, these appointments are very important to keep. If you are in need of a ride please let the health representative know when you are scheduling the vaccine.
  • The 2nd dose of vaccine starts next week for those that have already received the 1st dose.  Fort Hall I.H.S received 200 more vaccines this week to help with the increase of community members requesting the vaccine. It is important for the community to know that the Tribe is implementing the vaccine before the State of Idaho. The state has a public schedule and announced they will vaccinate the general public in May 2021, click here to view the schedule for the state schedule,
  • A new COVID19 DASHBOARD was created that includes current data of active cases, total cumulative cases, hospitalized, deaths and regional county and state COVID-19 numbers on the Tribes website,
  • Fort Hall Notsoo-gahnee I.H.S recently received a new commercial sized Ultra Cold Freezer to store the vaccine. 
  • Next COMMUNITY FOOD DISTRIBUTION is this Thursday, January 21st at 4PM at the old casino parking lot, only 200 food boxes are being provided. A package of sanitizing wipes will be provided with each food box for free courtesy of an anonymous donation. 
  • COMMUNICATIONS UPDATE: The Tribes Communication Team have been working hard to get videos, commercials, billboards and other media needs out to the community both on and off the reservation to inform everyone on the Tribes active role in keeping safe. The latest PSA’s released include: elected official Land Use Policy Commissioner and Tribal elder Casper Appenay of Ross Fork District, shares his experience in the battle against COVID-19; and new PSA that will be released this week will feature Tribal elder Tony Shay Moon Elk delivers a COVID19 message in Shoshone language. Both of the PSA’s are available on the Tribes COVID website and Tribes official Facebook page to view, like and share on your social media. 
  • SHOSHONE-BANNOCK CASINO HOTEL canceled all events until after March 2021 at minimum due to COVID19.
  • The TRIBES FACEBOOK LIVE will be every Thursday, 1/14/21 at 12-1PM on the Tribes official Facebook page, follow: @shoban tribes.  The dates are: Friday, Jan 22nd and January 28th. Join us for weekly Covid19 updates. 

Please be safe Fort Hall! The virus is contagious, please keep your hands washed and keep your home sanitized. Do not attend large gatherings more than 10 people that are not from your household. If there is a need for a community event, you must have an approved Safety Plan. Please contact Tribes Safety Officer, Jim Cutler at 208-478-3734 (Monday-Friday 8-5PM only).

Click on the Tribes COVID19 website for ongoing updates on facemask mandate, Tribal PSA’s, Facebook live recordings, etc.