Early Childhood Program.

TThe Shoshone-Bannock Early Childhood Program serves as a foundation for growth in educating children and empowering families by collaborating with community programs to enhance the quality of life for Native people. We believe that all children are unique and special. We further believe that parents are the first teachers of children. Therefore, the Shoshone-Bannock Early Childhood Programs strives to enrich the lives of children and their families.

The program is operated by 28 staff from diverse tribes, or cultural backgrounds and diverse education or qualification backgrounds. Each staff is Pediatric/ Adult CPR & First Aid Certified, Food Handlers Certified, passed an Extensive State/ Federal and Tribal Background Check, maintain a valid Driver’s License or CDL, and have passed health examinations to ensure a safe and health learning environment for children. There are mandatory job qualifications and training provided to staff to support the success of the children ECP serves.

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Early Childhood Programs.

Head Start Program.

The Head Start Program provides comprehensive health and education services to 75 low-income children 3-5 years of age. Income and age eligibility is required for enrollment. Head Start is federally funded for 65 children by the Office of Head Start (OHS)-Administration for Children and Families (ACF).In addition to OHS funding, 10 child-positions are provided through an Idaho State Head Start contract. The average waiting list of age and income eligible children is 20. There are four classroomsstaffed by one Teacher meeting education requirements of OHS, one co-teacher, and Volunteers.Shoshone Bannock Head Start has received awards and acknowledgement for their 2012 Flawless Monitoring Review, which qualified them for a 5-year non-competitive Head Start Grant cycle.

Head Start Program

Child Care Program.

Child Care provides services to working or student parents/ guardiansof children ages 0-12 under Child Care Development Funds (CCDF) provided by the ACF. The CC complies with Federal, and the State of Idaho Child Care Provider License.The CC currently serves 36 families and 53 children in the Toddler, Preschool, and after-school classrooms. Childcare maintains an average waiting list of 81 children. Child Care enrollment is for families who are under 85% of the Idaho State Median Income. Each childcare fee is charged monthly, and based on a sliding fee scale consisting of 2%-5% of gross monthly income.

Child Care

Early Intervention Program.

Early Intervention serves Indian children, aged 0-5, across the reservation who are “at risk” for or have an identified disability. Early Intervention is administered under requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE).The EI program currently provides public awareness of special needs service, monthly parent trainings, child/parent playgroup sessions, child developmental screening, special education service assistance, and other supportive services for newborn children to preschoolers.The staff is implementing Parents as Teachers program model to enhance Child Find services and to help support the caring and educational learning environment within the homes of Indian Children living on or near the Fort Hall Indian Reservation.


Key Contacts.

Glenda Marshall, ECP Director gmarshall@sbtribes.com

Ursula Galloway, Program Secretary ugalloway@sbtribes.com

Ro’Jera Coby Yazzie, CC Parent-Education Coord. rjcoby@sbtribes.com

P.O. Box 306
Fort Hall, Idaho 83203
Phone: 208-239-4500
Fax: 208-239-4535

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Early Childhood

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