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Agai Dika Gathering

Each year the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes visit the Sacajawea Center and the Salmon and Lemhi Valleys to commemorate their ancestors and connect their youth to their homeland. The main event of the gathering happens on Saturday and includes an early morning breakfast and walk/run along Agency Creek between Tendoy, ID and Lemhi Pass. After the walk/run, in the late afternoon, the tribe holds a singing and dancing exhibition at the Sacajawea Center amphitheater as well as a salmon and buffalo feast.

The tribe invites the local community and the visiting public to join them for all or part of their gathering. This year marks the 111th Agaidika Gathering, as 1907 was the year the Agaidika were forced to leave their reservation here in the Lemhi Valley to go to the reservation at Fort Hall. Typically the Agaidika Gathering coincides with heritage and ancestral living activities and demonstrations and we call the event Heritage Days. Due to the timing of things in 2018 the focus of the event will solely be the Agaidika Gathering. The 1805 Lewis and Clark Living Experience will be running through the weekend as well. For more information please contact the Center at 208.756.1188

For more information contact: Louise E Dixey (208)236-1185


Aug 17 - 18 2018


All Day
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