Community Needs Assessment .

The information your household provides will help correct and challenge inaccurate Census data that provides funding for essential Tribal programs and grants.
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Planning & Housing Opportunities Program

Your response to this survey is critical for painting an accurate picture of up-to-date on-reservation housing needs that can help the Tribes attract more funding for housing and other essential services. This survey is an important data collection project designed to compile accurate demographic, employment and housing information about Shoshone-Bannock Tribes members. The data collected during this survey will be used to enhance local programs and attract funding for housing and other community programs.

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Click the button below and enter the survey code provided to your household. Your answers are completely confidential and will not be shared with the Tribes or any Tribal programs. Households that complete the survey will receive a gift bucket with essential household supplies, and all households will be entered in regular raffles to win larger prizes such as TVs, a chest freezer, and arts and crafts!
Community Needs Assessment


The responses you provide will remain confidential. Your eligibility for services or assistance cannot and will not be impacted by your answers or by your refusal to participate. This research will only be reported as a combined total, and no one will have access to individual information. You do not have to provide your name but doing so will help us announce raffle winners by name. Any personally identifiable information will be stored separately from your survey response and will only be used to help us contact you if we have questions about your responses or need to contact you about receiving your incentive or raffle prize, if applicable.

Shoshone Bannock Tribes


Please respond to the questions about you, members of your household, and your home, housing unit, or place of residence. The survey should take approximately 25-30 minutes to complete. It is highly encouraged that one person living in each housing unit fills out the survey form on behalf of the entire household.

Complete survey forms are essential to the success of this project. As such, we encourage you to answer every question. If you don't know the precise answer to any question, please give your best estimate.

Community Needs Assessment

Planning & Housing Opportunities Program


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Housing Needs Assessment Committee Members.

  • Elma Thompson, FHBC Representative, Survey Instrument Committee and Public Relations Committee
  • Shalynn Kellogg, THOP Manager, Project Lead, Survey Instrument Committee, Raffle Prizes Co-Chair, Data Collection Committee
  • Alonzo Coby,  Planning Director, Oversight, Survey Instrument Committee
  • Whitney Burns, THOP, Public Relations Chair, Survey Instrument Committee
  • Brooks Davis, Transportation, Public Relations Co-Chair, Survey Instrument Committee
  • Bodie Broncho Ball, THOP, Data Collection Chair and Survey Committee
  • Denell Broncho, TERO, PR Committee and Survey Instrument Committee, Census expert
  • Lorraine Shay, FHHA Director, Survey Instrument Committee and Data Collection Committee
  • Taryn Shoyo, Administrative Manager FHHA,  Public Relations Committee, Raffle Prizes Co-Chair
  • Adam Hill, Land Use Commission, Survey Instrument Committee, Data Collection Committee
  • Jeffrey Callen, Planning, Survey Instrument Committee
  • Andi Weber, Planning, Data collection Committee
  • Carlee Osborne, FHHA Board Member, Public Relation Committee
  • Janna Lee Johnnie, Tribal Courts, Survey Instrument Committee
  • Raelyn Dixey, Data Collection Committee, Survey Instrument Committee
  • Angela Mejia, Planning Admin, Survey Instrument Committee

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