Agricultural Resource Management

The mission of the Agricultural Resource Management (ARM) & Range CRP Program is to protect the health, welfare, and economic well-being of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes, our people and the environment through the regulation of farm chemicals and various agricultural practices.
CRP Fort Hall

Conservation Reserve Program 

The ARM Program currently administers approximately 26,500 acres of Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) and the Continuous Conservation Reserve Program (CCRP) lands on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation a large majority of these being allotted lands with various Tribal land owners.   The purpose of the program is to protect these lands from soil erosion due to past farming practices while simultaneously creating wildlife habitat and creating income to tribal land owners.

Agricultural Environmental Compliance Fee

The ARM Program oversees agricultural leases within allotted lands, Tribal fee lands, individual fee lands on various irrigated, non-irrigated, pasture, and dry farm lands. ARM works with commercial growers/operators & Tribally Licensed Pesticide Applicators who conduct operations within the boundaries of the Fort Hall Indian Reservation. The ARM program actively contributes to sustainable agriculture practices and environmental compliance on the Fort Hall Reservation.
Agricultural Environmental Compliance Fee
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Noxious Weed Program

The ARM Program has the responsibility to oversee, educate, and provide technical support for the Invasive Species Control Program within the boundaries of the Fort Hall Indian.  Currently, the Fort Hall Indian Reservation has a major invasive weed species problem and our efforts are to prevent invasive species from spreading by mechanical, biological, chemical, and technical means.  Noxious weeds have a tremendous negative impact on the environment.  They degrade natural resources, decrease land productivity, change stream velocity, affect soil quality and cause large economic losses to landowners and users alike.

Spring Creek & Feral Horse Management

The Spring Creek fund is utilized for improvements to the corral in the “Bottoms” and the boundary line fence, as well as repairs/maintenance at the indoor arena. The ARM Program is authorized to conduct annual horse round-ups for the purpose of horse management within the “Bottoms.”  Proper horse management helps to maintain a sustainable population.
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Tribal Range Program

The Tribal Range/CRP Grasslands Program will strive to improve the rangelands through water projects, fencing of units, invasive/noxious weed treatments, and ensure permittees are complying with rules and regulations for grazing on the Fort hall Indian Reservation. The Range/CRP Grasslands highest priority is to ensure that there is adequate water for livestock grazing on rangelands as well as other wildlife.

The Range Program regulates range land, monitors tribal and non-tribal cattle grazing on tribal and allotted lands within the exterior boundaries of the Fort Hall Reservation. The program monitors range units returning to the Fort Hall Bottoms and assists in establishing grazing standards. The Program utilizes tribal compliance officers to ensure cattlemen follow tribal guidelines and ordinances.

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Preston Buckskin
ARM Program Manager
ARM: (208) 478-3878
Range: (208) 238-2311

P.O. Box 306
Fort Hall, ID 83203

ARM Range Fence

Sustainable Agricultural Practices.

The ARM program actively contributes to sustainable agriculture practices and environmental compliance on the Fort Hall Reservation.