Air Quality Program

The Tribal Air Quality Program mission is to measure air quality levels, including radiation, particulate matter, and meteorology on the Fort Hall Reservation, and provide notification to the public of any unsafe air quality conditions, or toxic releases.
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Measuring Air Quality

The mission of the Tribal Air Quality Department is to monitor air quality levels, encompassing radiation, and particulate matter across the Fort Hall Reservation. Our commitment is to promptly inform the public about any hazardous air quality conditions or toxic releases, ensuring the safety and well-being of our community.

Key Projects

Throughout the years the Air Quality Program has strengthened the community through various programs and projects:

  • Air Monitoring for Flouride/HF Continuous Air Sample
  • Enhancing Continuous Monitoring of PM2.5 and other NAAQS Air Polution
  • Tribal/DOE Agreement in Principal & Long-Term Stewardship (LTS)
  • Volkswagen Settlement
  • Wood Stove Change-out Project
  • Ozone Analyzer co-located with the AQS1 Analyzer in Fort Hall
  • Provide support of Region 10 in enforcement and reporting of Tribal emission sources, inspections and outreach support.
Agricultural Environmental Compliance Fee
Monitoring Station

Monitoring Stations

The Air Quality Program has been monitoring air quality around the reservation from the following stations

  • Ballard Site
  • Fort Hall Site
  • Water Wheel Site

The monitoring effort supports the protection of the Treaty rights of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes.  The air quality data generated from the Tribal monitors are validated, saved, and entered into the EPA national database.

Contact Us.

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Contact Us

Lori Howell
Air Quality Program Manager
Phone: (208)478-3794

P.O. Box 306
Fort Hall, ID 83203


Protecting Air Quality in Fort Hall.

Our Air Quality Program has a commitment to serving those in our community via monitoring and other programs to keep our air clean for future generations.