Washington, March 29, 2024

Press Release from the office of Congressman Mike Simpson.

WASHINGTON—Today, Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson highlighted the inclusion of $3.85 million for the Eagle Road Reconstruction Project in Fort Hall, Idaho, at his request through Community Project Funding (CPF) in the Fiscal Year 2024 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies Bill. 

“Reconstructing Eagle Road will significantly increase the safety and quality of life for tribal residents on the Fort Hall Reservation,” said Rep. Simpson. “I deeply value the opportunity to listen to tribal leaders share about the challenges they face as they work to improve the lives of their members. I am proud to support the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes as they promote economic development and enhance community safety for their people.”

“The Shoshone-Bannock Tribes value our relationship with Representative Mike Simpson. He has continued to support tribal requests and issues. We are grateful for the current efforts to secure funding for the Eagle Road Project. The area is in drastic need of improvements to provide a safe walking and driving experience for the many community members and visitors that travel that roadway. Without additional funding, improvements to Eagle Road are not possible at this time. We would also like to thank Simpson for his efforts to secure funding for the Fort Hall Fire Station. It is a huge need for the safety of our community. We welcome any further assistance he may provide for our needs and are grateful for his efforts to support the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes,” said the Fort Hall Business Council.  

This funding will be used to reconstruct a 0.5-mile stretch of Eagle Road between Ross Fork Road and Agency Road on the Fort Hall Reservation. The project will construct wider lanes for the road; designated bike lanes; sidewalks; curbs and gutters with storm drains, bus stop shelters, and designated crosswalks. Funding will also be used to develop streetscapes and continuous sidewalks that will tie surrounding streets together and provide access, livability, and safety for residents and visitors as they walk or bike along this essential transportation corridor.

As Idaho’s only appropriator, Rep. Simpson has a unique opportunity to fight for Idaho’s priorities and ensure Idahoans’ hard-earned tax dollars return to Idaho. Rep. Simpson was the only member of the Idaho delegation to vote in favor of funding for the Fort Hall Eagle Road Reconstruction Project.