Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Building Experiences Property Damage


Monday, February 25,2019

Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Building Experience Property Damage

Fort Hall, ID- At approximately 3:00AM this morning, the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Government Building in Fort Hall experienced a roof collapse due to excessive winter weather conditions. The government building is over 40 years old. No injuries were reported.

The roof collapsed over the Elderly Nutrition kitchen. The area affects 42 employees office space whereas officials are working on temporary placement of those departments. These affected departments include the 477 EET (Employment, Education and Training) services, Consumer Services, Vocational Rehabilitation, Elderly Nutrition, Sho-Ban News, Tribal Library, and the TANF department. All utilities were shut down immediately which affected the Tribes Business Center overall power including the internet.

The Tribes activated the EOC (Emergency Operations Center) at 5:00AM. According to the Fort Hall Business Council, they are seeking alternate locations to resume business for those affected departments.

Services that are affected include:

  1. All scheduled deliveries, including FedEx and UPS, to Fort Hall have been deferred until further notice.
  2. The Tribes telephone system is down.
  3. No Sho-Ban newspaper this week.
  4. Elderly Nutrition program is currently closed until further notice (this includes home meal services).

Officials are asking the public to avoid the area due to safety issues until further notice. The Tribes closed the entire government and will reopen once structural integrity has been restored.

Further information will be posted on the Tribes Facebook page, like ShoBan Tribes.