Official PR for Shoshone-Bannock Tribes 
March 20, 2020 9:30pm


The Shoshone-Bannock Tribal Office of Emergency Management (TOEM) Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is actively monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic.

On March 17, 2020, the Fort Hall Business Council (FHBC), the governing body of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes, (Tribes) passed a resolution declaring a State of Emergency within the Fort Hall Reservation. On the same date, TOEM activated their EOC. 

The Tribal Department of Health and Human Services, Indian Health Service and Community Health Center (HRSA), working as a unified command, developed and initiated an incident action plan for the COVID-19 outbreak. 

On March 20, 2020, the Tribes received official notification from the Southeast Idaho Public Health, Region 6 that a positive case of COVID-19 located within 25 miles of the Fort Hall Reservation boundary. This 25 mile threshold met the criteria in the Tribes Incident Action Plan which leads to a reduction in Tribal governmental services to protect the health and welfare of the Fort Hall community effective immediately. 

If any Tribal government employee has further questions, they can call 208-244-8327 for employment-related concerns.

In addition, the Shoshone-Bannock Casino Hotel has made the decision to close the Gaming Floor of the Shoshone-Bannock Casino Hotel (main casino located at I-15 Exit 80 in Fort Hall) last night at 1:00am under advisement of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Emergency Operations Center and Fort Hall Business Council. 

The Hotel will be the only entity of the property that will remain open for existing reservations until further notice with limited availability. All food outlets, bingo, spa, coffee kiosk and all other additional amenities will be closed.

In addition, the Sage Hill Casino in Blackfoot will also be closing at 1:00am. As previously released, the Bannock Peak Casino, located in Arbon Valley, on I-86 Exit 52 just west of Pocatello, will also remain closed until further notice. 

Shoshone-Bannock Casino Hotel is committed to the health and safety of our Community, Guests and Team Members. We will be utilizing this weekend to deep clean all properties and assess the situation early next week as to when we will be reopening. 

The FHBC urges everyone to self-isolate and observe social distancing and call your medical provider if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 as described by the CDC guidelines. The Southeast Idaho Public Health has opened a call center to field questions from the community and can be reached at 208-234-5875 or at