Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Swear in New Leadership

FHBC 2023

Fort Hall – Today the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes officially swore in and seated a new Fort Hall Business Council (FHBC) in the Tribal Business Center Council Chambers.  

The ceremony began with a prayer provided by Tribal elder, Dennis Phelps, and was followed by a flag/victory song by Tribal drum group, Spring Creek Singers of Fort Hall. Tribal Veteran Frances Goli carried in the American flag and Tribal member Gifford Osborne carried in the Tribal flag. 

The FHBC terms are staggered every two years. This year, three incumbents were up for re-election, Ladd Edmo, Lee Juan Tyler and Roland Marshall. Nathan Small retired from the Fort Hall Business Council, so his seat was also open.  On May 26, 2023, Lee Juan Tyler was the candidate with the highest votes followed by Sammy Matsaw Jr., Ladd Edmo and Nancy Eschief Murillo. 

Lee Juan Tyler was voted in as the Chairman, Donna Thompson as the Vice-Chairwoman, Claudia Washakie as the Secretary, Ladd Edmo as the Treasurer, Gaylen Edmo as the Sgt-of-Arms, and Sammy Matsaw Jr. and Nancy Eschief Murillo as Council members. 

District representatives are as follows: Donna Thompson and Nancy Eschief Murillo, Fort Hall District; Lee Juan Tyler and Ladd Edmo, Gibson District; Gaylen Edmo, Ross Fork District; Claudia Washakie, Bannock Creek District; and Sammy Matsaw Jr., Lincoln Creek District. 

The FHBC is the governing body of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes and consists of seven council members. The Council was established under the Tribes’ Constitution and Bylaws, which was approved by the Tribes and ratified by the federal government in 1937 under the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934.